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Peninsula Plastic Surgery in Torrance

At Peninsula Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to being on the cutting-edge of effective plastic surgery procedures.  Dr. Ronald Rosso is one of Los Angeles’ most trusted names in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Affordable, Safe, Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rosso is Peninsula Plastic Surgery’s Medical Director.  Voted 2018 Daily Breeze South Bay’s Favorite and 2017 Best of the Beach, he has been delivering excellent Plastic Surgery results in Torrance and the South Bay of Los Angeles for almost 20 years. He specializes in a wide range of cosmetic procedures for the face, breast, and body. His conservative, minimally invasive approach has been lauded by both patients and colleagues alike. His results are remarkably effective, they aim at rapid recovery, and at reducing post-operative pain and discomfort.

A New You Awaits

At Peninsula Plastic Surgery, we understand that undergoing cosmetic surgery can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  You, as a discerning client, will stand for nothing less than the best care and most natural results along with uncompromised safety.

Peninsula Plastic Surgery

A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement

— Jess C. Scott

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We provide complimentary cosmetic surgery consultation, accept most insurance plans and provide financing options. You can enjoy looking good and feeling great about yourself without spending a fortune.



  •   Dr. Rosso has been my doctor about 10 years! He did my reconstrutive breast surgery, after he did a few breast tumor surgeries. He did a very intense diastasis recti surgery, and a double hernia surgery. And he's done some reconstruction on my thighs. Dr. Rosso and his staff have always delivered the best bed side manner from start, during recovery, and post op. I would trust and recommend his "magic" to anyone.

    thumb Suzanne W.

      Dr. Rosso and his entire staff are awesome. Everyone is warm and friendly from Dr. Rosso to  his office staff to his operating room nurses. They all take the time to answer any questions give you fist class service.
    My recent surgical experience with him was excellent.
    I would highly recommend him for any type of plastic surgery.

    thumb Kathleen T.

      I am so blessed to have found Dr Russo! I went to see him due to herniated disks in my neck, indentation in spinal column and horrid radiculopathy in my left arm... It had gotten pretty serious and had undergone massive therapy for over a year and no relief! Traction, ultrasound, elec stim, massage, acupuncture, epidural from hell and days
    , months and a yr went by But,  One thing I noticed is that being quite buxom woman, was that I started really holding up my straps... From the discomfort and pain which strongly led me to believe a reduction was in order and may really help!

    I have to tell you, he was very professional and very skilled! His demeanor was kind hearted and no bs or jacking me around! He was efficient and straight forward and from first appointment to surgery was approx a week! He got on with the show and his service at Little Co off Mary, was superb! No stone left unturned and we were in and out with great results! I could feel the lack of electric shock/ current being gone almost immediately! 😉 I'm sooooo happy and thankful to his expert care! Omg and they even had these lot purple gowns with lil puppy paws on them with a tube and a  clicker whereby you can control the air flown in your hospital gown... Scroll for hot or cool air! I love these guys! I am still healing and his staff and home office rocks! Felt so at home there... Enjoying all his PV photos and background coaching etc the little things, no character flaws here...! He's quite a fine surgeon!

    He started taking out first sutures... In office and he's just so efficacious at what he does as a surgeon! I can't wait till full healing and end result as I am certain it will be marvelous! Would refer him ten times over for sure and I don't deli ear this flagrantly! You know. You can tell when someone gives a rip and you can see he enjoys his skill! I like that he's always smiling as sure beats the alternative! Thank you Dr Russo for saving me as  I was losing it from pain non stop! You just can't imagine the joy! God bless you for all you do! I could not be more grateful except maybe when fully healed! Kudos to you and staff... The whole pipeline. Considering some other procedures you offer in future! Feels good to have hope again as I. A fighter and Up until now had been losing a long hard fight! Well, you know what they say? " It mattered to that one", sitting here with a lil tear I my eye ... Of joy! Joy comes in the morning!

    thumb Leona J.
  •   Wow!  What a great experience.  The staff are wonderful.  Sharon and Erin were great the day of surgery.  Dr Rosso is a very professional and caring doctor.  He listened to every question and concern .
    As far as his work , it was perfect.  He told me what to expect before and after the surgery.  I am beyond pleased with the result.  I will never go anywhere else for any kind of cosmetic concerns.
    Thank you, Dr Rosso.

    thumb Connie B.

      I visited Dr. Rosso for basal skin cancer on my nose. I was very afraid because  a previous doctor wanted to do a skin flap which can be pretty disfiguring, I've seen it done on other people and it looks bad.  The Doctor was very professional, self confident and knowledgeable.  He didn't try to sell me other stuff while there, instead told me exactly what needed to be done and once he did it the results were fabulous.  I have a hairline scar which is barely visible even without makeup.  Super happy.

    thumb Bianca D.

      I can't say more about this doctor, he is very easy to talk too and has a wonderful personality. I had a minor eye lid procedure removing of a cyst that had grew over the past 6 years. He reassured me that I was going to be fine, I was very nervous due to a previous past experience with the birth of my child (c-section) . The staff is great my recovery was fast and my eyelid healed up in 4 days. I highly recommend this doctor.

    thumb Elizabeth V.
  •   Dr. Rosso is a hands on doctor.  He wants everything done right the first time and makes sure it is.  I was sent to him by my dermatologist to do his "magic" after a six procedure mohs basal cell removal on my cheek.  I basically had a hole and 3 inch open wound from just below my eye and down the cheek. On my first visit, he had to stop the bleeding from the cauterized wounds that couldn't be closed by the dermatologist.  Since I started bleeding in the waiting room he took me in and did what needed to be done and then we did the paperwork.  Great personality and a take charge guy.

    The only problem I had was with my medical group.  I was in the Long Beach group and he is in the South Bay.  They denied the claim and wanted me to go to a doctor in the Long Beach area.  After several days of back and forth Dr. Rosso got involved and personally called and talked to me and the medical group corporate office and got the problems taken care of.  He completely had my back.

    The next week I had my surgery at Torrance Medical Center (they were great also) and two weeks later I went back to get my stitches out.  I was expecting to have one of the nurses on staff come in and clip them but Dr. Rosso himself came in, took them out and answered my questions.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rosso for any procedure.  Great Guy!

    thumb john W.

      I had a tummy tuck and hernia repair here the staff was more than helpful and when I had a personal problem after my surgery I called the office and  Dr. Rosso got on the line and took my call personally.

    thumb S S.

      Awsome doctor there staff is really wonderfull and helpfull never met such another staff like them they treat you like famaly rosso really knows what hes doin and he gets to the point right away had a wart removed from my finger  healed great and it never retured. Plus hes a Laker fan

    thumb Angel A.
  •   Dr.Ronald Rosso is a Master of Plastic Surgery --a Master Sculptor! No doubt, the BEST in the South Bay! I came to him for a revision of a tummy tuck and totally regret not coming to him first. I am so pleased and elated with my results. His bedside manner is impeccable.  He is very down-to-earth, easy to talk to. He patiently listens to your issues of concern. He will offer &/or suggest  his honest- professional opinion. He really shows that he wants to get it done...right, the first time. I appreciate the amazing work he does, his kindness & his reasonable pricing. He has an Awesome surgery team and great office staff!! I definitely recommend and would refer anyone needing any type of plastic surgery - Dr. Ronald Rosso. Continue with your greatness Dr. Rosso!!

    thumb Lisa B.

      Dr. Rosso and his staff bent over backwards to work with me and my insurance company when my daughter got a dog bite to her face. Dr. Rosso has an excellent bed side manner and he put my family at ease at a difficult time. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Rosso and his staff!!!

    thumb Robyn M.

      I am so impressed with Dr. Rosso and his staff and so grateful to have found them
    Not only professional but personable... To me is a combination well blended for the medical industry people should take notice of this doctor he is incredible at what he does and also has an amazing follow up and bedside manner
    One surgery with him and one more to go I would definitely recommend him as one of the best plastic surgeon's in all of Southern California where there are so many but SO few that act in this professional manner
    I wish there was a rating of 10 stars that's what I would give him and his staff
    thank you Dr. Rosso

    thumb H A.
  •   Dr. Rosso is a man of high integrity, excellence in his work and extremely thorough in all that he does! He is also a very caring and compassionate doctor who puts his patients needs and concerns before everything else!
    I highly recommend Dr. Rosso as he is a phenomenal plastic surgeon!!!

    thumb Derek T.

      UPDATE-  I came back to Dr Rosso for a follow up surgery.  This time it was done in his Surgery Center.  Let me tell you this center is state of the art, has everything a hospital has, was immaculately sterile, and the surgical staff were absolutely AMAZING!  I would have another procedure here in a heartbeat.  Every staff did everything to make me feel comfortable, safe, and well taken care of.

    thumb MB P.

      Dr. Rosso did reconstruction/reduction surgery on me 5.5 months after I had radiation for breast cancer.  The stitches in the first surgery split open and required a second surgery.  That also split open and caused an open wound that took 1 year to heal.  After Rosso's 2 surgeries, I was left totally deformed, uneven in size, scarred, and with open wounds after 1.5 years.  I had to have a mastectomy by another surgeon to correct the issues I was left with.  He also did a tummy tuck on me, and it left me with very thick dark scars and a belly button that looks like a butt hole.

    thumb Jina J.