If you cannot eliminate the excess fat and loose sagging skin in your abdominal area, abdominoplasty may be for you. A firm, smooth abdomen will give your body a more contoured look, and boost your self-image.


Tummy Tuck also known as Abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to flatten the abdominal wall or stomach area. With pregnancy or fluctuations of weight, many patients develop skin laxity (loose skin) problems, as well as weakening of their muscular corset. This procedure removes excessive hanging skin, and repairs loose or stretched muscle, thereby, improving abdominal wall tone and structure. Skin that contains stretch marks on the lower abdomen may be removed as well. The tummy tuck requires a horizontal incision across your lower abdomen (within or above the pubic area). The length of the incision varies depending on the amount of skin to be removed. In some cases an incision around the navel is made so that the excess skin above the navel is pulled downward and removed. The navel's position remains unchanged. Keep in mind, the lower abdominoplasty scar is hidden by the patient's undergarment. Even though the scar is considered permanent and visible it should fade over time.

Additional Options

Mini-Tummy Tuck:
If your skin laxity and muscle weakness are confined to the area below your navel, a mini-tummy tuck may be a good option. The scar will be shorter, and an incision around the navel is not required.

In some cases, Abdominoplasty may be combined with Liposuction to improve overall body contour. The type of abdominoplasty needed will be determined at the time of your consultation.


Within the first week the drainage tubes put in during surgery to prevent fluids from accumulating will be removed. A support garment will be worn for 2 months. You should be able to return to work or school within 3 weeks. Exercises that work the abdominal muscles should be avoided for 3 months. Low impact exercise can be resumed within 2-3 weeks. High impact exercise may be resumed within 6-8 weeks. Abdominoplasty produces long lasting results as long as you can maintain your weight and do not become pregnant. After a tummy tuck, pregnancy will not hurt the mother or baby, but may alter the results. As with all cosmetic procedures, the final result will be apparent within about 1 year.

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