Often times after having children or loosing a large amount of weight, you loose volume and tone in your breasts. If you often wished your breasts were higher and firmer, a breast-lift may be for you.

Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

A breast lift changes the shape of your breast from a teardrop to a cone, repositions the nipple to a higher level, and may reduce the nipple areola to a more pleasing size. If you have lost breast volume, and would like to add more fullness, implants may be inserted during surgery.

Breast lifts may be performed in several ways, depending on the size of your breasts and the amount of sagging. The incisions used in this procedure may be customized based on the size and shape of the breasts, and therefore may vary from patient to patient. During this surgery, Dr. Rosso removes excess skin, lifts the nipple, and pulls together and sutures the breast, which improves the shape and contour. The incision lines are designed so that they will be concealed under the bra. However, the resulting scars are permanent, but should fade over time.


Most patients will recover within 6 to 8 weeks at which time you may resume light exercise. Strenuous exercise and upper body lifting can be resumed in 7 to 14 weeks. As with all cosmetic procedures, the final result will be apparent around one year.

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