What are the Plastic Surgery Proceduresgirl1-190x300 Available After Gastric Bypass and/or Massive Weight Loss Through Diet and Exercise?

Gastric bypass patients or people who have lost massive amounts of weight usually are faced with large amounts of excess skin in different parts of their body. Most insurance companies will cover removal of the skin after a patient’s weight has been stable for a period of 12 to 18 months.

Post-Gastric Bypass Plastic Surgery with Dr. Rosso

Dr. Rosso has a special interest in providing a supportive, safe and pleasant environment for the large number of post-gastric bypass (after gastric bypass) patients he consults with and operates on in his private practice. His emphasis on post-gastric bypass/massive weight loss plastic surgery procedures was initiated as a result of operating with one of the pioneers of gastric bypass/massive weight loss surgery at USC in 1992 as General Surgery Resident. As a result, once he began his Plastic Surgery training, he emphasized learning the safest plastic surgery procedures that are applicable to post-gastric bypass and weight loss surgery patients.

After Bypass Surgery Procedures

Commonly performed procedures are Panniculectomy (removal of excess abdominal skin), breast lift, breast reduction, arm lift and thigh lift. Each of these procedures decreases the possibility of skin breakdown from tissue rubbing and allows the patient to wear different clothing and usually allows greater physical activity.

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