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    6 Things to Know On Getting a Brachioplasty

    6 Things to Know On Getting a Brachioplasty

    Getting a brachioplasty, or arm-lift,  means removing fat and sagging skin from the upper arms.  Often, dramatic weight loss or aging, cause the upper arms tissue to stretch and sag. This makes the skin around this area to droop, causing the upper arms to look unsightly.

    There are some natural ways to try to eliminate sagging arms, like the ones described in this article.  However, the most effective way to tone and define your arms is by getting a brachioplasty. But, before you go ahead with this Cosmetic Surgery procedure there are a few things you must keep in mind.

    1. Getting a Brachioplasty if Liposuction Just Won’t Cut It 

    Most patients opting for an arm lift, request their Plastic Surgeon to simply perform a liposuction to get rid of the fat. This is primarily due to the fact that liposuction leaves little to no scarring afterward.

    Now, if you’ve got excess skin that the underlying fat keeps tight, once you suck out the fat through lipo, you’ll need an arm lift to eliminate the sagging skin. In most cases, getting a brachioplasty, and not liposuction, is the best option. This is because liposuction will simply remove the excess fat from the arm leaving behind the droopy skin.

    2. Revolutionize Your Lifestyle

    The most important factor to consider for any Cosmetic Surgery procedure is the lifestyle of the patient. It is best advised that you start to change small things about your life before surgery.

    For example, regular smoking inhibits the body’s ability to heal effectively.  This can slow down your recovery. For your body to heal properly and avoid further complications you should try to limit or quit smoking before the surgery.

    Additionally, it can be useful to take a look at your diet and include more fruit and vegetables in your meals. Plant-based foods boost your body’s immune system and provide it with all the necessary nutrition required to undergo a surgical procedure.

    3. Maintain a Stable Weight 

    Before and after an arm lift, it is better to maintain a stable weight. If you’ve undergone dramatic weight loss, it’s best to reach a stable weight before getting an arm lift. This way your body will continue to remain firm even after the brachioplasty procedure is over.

    Otherwise, if you continue to lose weight after the surgery, the results may be diminished.

    4. Stay Active Without Your Arms

    Immediately after surgery, it is imperative that you reduce the load on your arms. This means engaging your legs and your core more when you get out of bed or stand up from a chair. You want to strain your arms as little as possible so that they recover fast.

    A quick tip would be to roll on your side till the edge of the bed and then sit up.  This allows your legs to touch the floor without using your arms.

    For at least 2-3 weeks after surgery, you want to avoid lifting weights or performing intense exercises. However, you should keep yourself active and go on regular walks to improve blood circulation.  A moderate level of activity can aid the healing process and help prevent blood clots.

    5. Ice, Ice, Ice

    The most prominent after-effect of an arm lift or brachioplasty is swelling. This swelling is quite normal and there’s nothing to be worried about.

    To reduce the inflammation and swelling you will need to apply ice to the affected area on a regular basis. However, it’s important to not overdo it; your skin should stay cool to the touch but not numb from being in contact with ice for too long.

    For this stage of brachioplasty recovery, it’s best to get an ice pack and use that instead of one of those frozen gel packs.

    6. Keep the Incision Clean

    Once the arm lift surgery is over, you will need to take care of the incision to ensure that it heals properly and swiftly. This means following your Plastic Surgeon’s directives regarding scar management.

    In order to obtain the best results, you also want to protect your upper arms from sun exposure for about 12 months after this Cosmetic Procedure.

    In a Nutshell: Stay Healthy 

    These are just a few things to keep in mind when opting for brachioplasty. But remember that the most important aspect of this procedure is rest and nutrition, and it’s imperative that you get enough of both to ensure a speedy recovery.

    So draw up a comprehensive health plan and stick to it before and after surgery to get the best results. By keeping your body hydrated and giving it the right fuel, you can ensure a speedy recovery. All the best for your arm lift!

    To check if brachioplasty is right for you, call us Peninsula Plastic Surgery at 310-326-3636 and ask for a free, no-obligation cosmetic consultation with Dr. Rosso.

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