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    3 Ways to Solve the Double Chin Problem and Make Your Face Thinner

    3 Ways to Solve the Double Chin Problem and Make Your Face Thinner

    A double chin can be the result of a variety of factors. While obesity is the most common, an individual’s genetic predisposition also plays a major role. So even if you’ve got a slim figure and your weight is in check, you may have inherited a double chin from one of your parents.


    But thanks to advancements in the field of plastic surgery, getting rid of this feature is no longer a hurdle. Most people believe that fat-related plastic surgery is only for overweight or obese people. But in this case, anyone looking to get rid of their double chin can use one of the following three popular methods.


    Kybella is a method used to improve the profile and appearance of the chin area by proportionately reducing the amount of fat. This method consists of a series of injections administered to the jawline by a plastic surgeon.

    Here, needles containing Deoxycholic Acid are inserted into the fat deposits located under your jawline. This is not a one-time procedure.  It involves multiple visits over a period of 4-6 months, during which time the fat in your jawline will eventually get reduced.

    After each procedure, the patient needs to use a medical compression bandage around the head.  Swelling typically peaks at 24 hours post-treatment and can last from two days to three weeks.  The swelling is caused by the active medication breaking down the fat cells, and some of it can be attributed to the solution itself. Here is an article on a blogger’s experience with this treatment.

    The treatment and Kybella can cost between $800 and $1400 per session. Considering that you’ll have to sit for multiple sessions, this may end up being an expensive procedure, exceeding the costs of liposuction.

    Kybella Side Effects

    1. The Deoxycholic Acid destroys fat cells, helping to shape the chin. However, if injected into the wrong area, this drug can destroy your skin cells irreversibly resulting in skeletonization of the neck and other skin contour irregularities.
    2. Your face, and especially your jawline, is full of small, invisible structures that could be poked by accident during Kybella treatment. Not only will this destroy skin cells, but it can also cause pain long after the treatment is completed.
    3. Unlike other chin-related procedures, Kybella can take up to 6 months of repeated visits to the surgeon. The injections take time to work on the jawline and results may take up to a year to reveal themselves.
    4. In certain cases, Kybella can result in nerve injury to the jaw, which leads to facial muscle weakness and can leave you with a lopsided smile.


    The cosmetic surgery industry recently began to use Coolsculpting to treat smaller areas of the body. With the release of a new machine called the CoolMini, you can now freeze the fat cells in your double chin. These frozen, dead cells are drained out of the body through the lymphatic system.

    Similar to a non-invasive liposuction, this procedure drains the fat cells from the body with the use of an applicator. The applicator is placed on your chin and then systematically cools the area, causing the fat cells to freeze. The frozen fat cells are then expelled from the body through its natural metabolic processes.

    Today, Coolsculpting has become a popular treatment to reduce fat in small areas. However, this procedure requires multiple sessions for it to work and the neck area can get sore and swollen for a few days. Many patients find the massage after each session pretty painful.

    Finally, the applicator cannot target specific areas under the skin so it freezes all the fat cells in the general area on which it is applied. Results are often not significant enough to justify the time (multiple sessions) and discomfort.

    Chin Liposuction

    Even today, liposuction seems to be the most effective way of dealing with a double chin. Here, the Plastic Surgeon injects a solution of lidocaine to numb the area and then makes incisions from which the fat and fluids are sucked out.

    The only catch with this procedure is that if you have loose skin in the area, it tends to sag after the surgery. In such cases, it is recommended that you opt for an additional procedure like a neck lift. This will help get rid of the sagging skin, leaving you with a more firm and youthful look.

    Here one of my colleagues in NYC compares Kybella and Chin Liposuction.

    Duration of the Procedure

    Unlike the other double-chin procedures, a chin liposuction is completed in a single sitting and the procedure lasts roughly 40 minutes to an hour based on the individual patient.  The advantage is that it is a one-time procedure and you won’t have to keep coming back to your plastic surgeon for additional treatments.


    The side effects from a chin liposuction are minimal, and most patients are able to return to their daily activities within a week after the surgery.

    However, you will need to wear a compression garment for a few days post-surgery. Right after surgery, your chin may sport a small bruise, but this can be covered with makeup and should disappear within a few weeks after treatment.

    What to Opt For

    Of course, you can opt for the non-invasive procedures like Kybella or Coolsculpting, but remember, as with all cosmetic procedures – the less invasive ones tend to have less-dramatic results and are more time-consuming (multiple treatments). So while you may notice subtle changes in your jawline, you may not be able to enjoy the complete transformation that is possible only through a Chin Liposuction.

    Another great benefit of getting a liposuction is that the results are long-term, and you won’t have to keep coming back to make tiny changes to your jawline.

    So if you’re looking to get rid of your double chin, do it once and for all with chin lipo, and enjoy a slimmer, tighter, and more proportionate jawline.

    At Peninsula Plastic Surgery we offer liposuction to remove a double chin. If you want to find out if it is the right procedure for you, call us at 310-326-3636 to book a free cosmetic consultation.

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