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    10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Nose Surgery

    10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Nose Surgery

    Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures today. People from all walks of life choose to get nose plastic surgery to reshape their noses.  This is an effective way to change their look and boost their self-confidence.

    If you’re also considering a nose job, you must learn as much as you can about the procedure before signing up for it. While it may seem quite straightforward, there’s more to the process than simply reshaping your nose. Aside from the rhinoplasty cost, here are a few things you must be aware of before nose surgery.

    1. Take Time Off After Your Nose Plastic Surgery

    A nose job isn’t something that gets over in a day. After the surgery, your nose will be bruised and swollen and you won’t exactly be in the mood to attend meetings. It’s best to take seven to ten days off from work so the swelling can reduce and your nose can heal.

    This mini vacation can help your body recover quickly as you’re not stressed out by external factors during the recovery period.

    2. Don’t Let People Discourage You

    If you do a Google search on ‘nose job’, you’ll find images of bruised noses, black eyes, and patients who look absolutely miserable. But in reality, you’ll be under anesthesia during the procedure.

    Of course, this won’t stop people from giving you their opinions prior to the operation. All you have to do is invest in a trusted Plastic Surgeon, such as Dr. Rosso, and leave the rest to them.

    3. Have Realistic Expectations

    Many people are looking for the perfect nose or one that mimics the nose of their favorite celebrity. However, keep in mind that everyone’s facial structure is different; what suits someone else may look odd on your face.

    And a nose plastic surgery is meant to enhance your looks and improve your self-esteem. It does not have the power to magically transform your entire persona.

    4. Watch Your Health

    Prior to rhinoplasty, you must ensure that you’re in good health so that your body can heal quickly after the procedure. This means drinking lots of water and eating plenty of greens. 

    Another important thing to remember is to cut out all non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication — if possible — at least 10 days before the procedure. By staying away from these medications, you can reduce the post-surgery swelling and bruising.

    5. It Takes A While To Adjust

    You’ve been used to your face and your look for your entire life. But after getting a nose job, you’re going to be staring at a different person in the mirror. Your nose will look better but for awhile you’ll have to get used to a changing face.

    The skin, bridges, and bones take a while to heal after the nose surgery, and during this time, your nose will be in transition. It may take some time for you to get used to this phenomenon, but don’t worry, it’s quite normal.

    6. Don’t Exercise Temporarily

    A commonly asked question is when can I resume exercise after rhinoplasty? It’s important to keep your body rested after the surgery. Since not all exercise is the same and not all rhinoplasties are the same, patients should ask Dr. Rosso and his staff for their exact case.

    As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to avoid hard exercise the first 2-3 weeks after surgery since a higher heart rate (above 100 BPM) could result in increased blood flow to the nose which, in some cases, can increase swelling.

    Contact sports should be avoided for at least 6 months but masks can be worn with Dr. Rosso’s permission by athletes who need to get back to their sporting activities right away. 

    7. The Results Will Take A Year

    The initial swelling should disappear within 2 weeks after the surgery and the residual swelling and bruising should clear within 4 to 6 weeks.

    However, you need to be patient as the final result can only be observed after one year. This is difficult for most patients to understand, and some have early concerns of how their noses look asymmetric after the surgery.

    This is only because your nose will continue to heal and change shape for about a year until it finally settles.

    8. Consider Other Procedures

    Even when your nose job turns out to look exactly like you want it to, it’s possible that your other features will seem out of proportion. In most cases, it’s the chin that doesn’t quite fit in with a new nose. So if you’re opting for nose surgery, consider setting aside some money for another cosmetic surgery, like a chin augmentation, to ensure that your face looks proportionate.

    9. People May Talk

    “You didn’t really need a nose job”, is one of the things you may hear people say after the surgery is over. You’ve done something that some people who don’t have a problem with their own nose, are not comfortable with since they cannot understand how uncomfortable your original nose made you feel every day.

    But the reason you went through with the procedure in the first place is that you wanted a change. Just think of how much insecurity, shame, and unease has been washed away by a simple surgical procedure. Ultimately, if you’re happy with your decision then that’s all that really matters.

    10. Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

    Selecting the right person for your rhinoplasty can be the hardest part of the procedure. You need to work with someone you are comfortable with and with whom you can share the details of how you’d like your nose to look.

    A good connection with your Plastic Surgeon will help you arrive at realistic results, providing a look that makes you happy and complements your natural beauty.

    These are a few things you should know before signing up for a nose job, and if you’re patient and take care of yourself post-surgery, the results are remarkable.

    Call Peninsula Plastic Surgery today at 310-326-3636 to book an appointment with Dr. Rosso for a free rhinoplasty cosmetic consult.

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