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    Neck Lipo Benefits

    Neck Lipo Benefits

    Neck lipo has many benefits for aging men and women.  In fact, during the aging process, certain areas of the body can accumulate fat that is hard to lose, despite a healthy diet and vigorous exercise. The neck is one such area where fatty deposits detract from the youthful appearance of the entire body.  A fatty neck makes anyone seem older, or a fit person seem out of shape.  Neck liposuction, also known as a neck lift, can give this area a newly streamlined contour.  It also improves facial features and the patient’s profile.

    Removal of Excess Fat

    One of the main neck lipo benefits is the removal of excess fat deposits in the neck area. For some patients, the accumulation of fat inside the neck is genetic, not necessarily due to being overweight.  For other people it results from the natural aging process.

    While most patients believe that a neck lift is only suitable for patients in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, the fact that excess fat in the neck region has a genetic component proves that this is not the case. The neck is also a difficult location to burn fat with exercise, so many patients find that neck liposculpture is their best option.

    Naturally, the removal of fat from the neck can have a dramatic effect on the neckline and the appearance of the neckline. Therefore, liposuction of the neck applies the same principles as liposuction in other locations on the body. As a result, patients can usually expect a more defined neckline and more youthful appearance after their neck lipo.

    Shaping and Sculpting the Neck

    The second reason why a patient could obtain a neck lipo procedure is to shape and sculpt the neck. Some patients may have suffered from an ill-defined neckline for several years; this not due to overweight, but due to the genetic component we mentioned earlier.

    Treatment with a neck liposuction can reshape and sculpt the neck to reach a more desirable aesthetic appearance. Depending on the problems the patient is facing in the neck area, the Plastic Surgeon can determine if neck lipo can successfully reshape and sculpt the neck to match their expectations.

    Neck Lipo Benefits: Tighten Skin in the Neck Area 

    When the body ages, it is common for the skin to drop a little. With a neck lipo procedure, the patient could achieve a tighter skin. Of course, there are some criteria patients need to meet for their skin to tighten after the procedure.

    Generally, the Plastic Surgeon tends to look at the quality of the patient’s skin; this could include how much elasticity there is left in the skin, to begin with. If the patient has little elasticity left, then a neck lift alone will not provide the results the patient expects.

    Discover Other Neck Liposuction Advantages

    An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for neck liposuction procedures. Of course, the neck is not the only part that can be changed through neck lipo, because the jawline can also become more defined with this procedure. Since the jawline and the neck can be impacted by the treatment, neck lipo could also be an option for these patients.

    What Should I Know About Aftercare in Relation to Results?

    Now we have covered the neck liposuction benefits, we need to mention the things you must consider for your aftercare. Aftercare is extremely important to ensure the best possible results. So, be sure to read the information below before you have your procedure and ask for more information about aftercare at your clinic.

    Compression Garments or Elasticated Bandages

    Some patients who had liposuction will be required to wear a compression garment or an elasticated bandage. These compression garments or elasticated bandages hold onto the shape that has been obtained through surgery, subsequently giving the body time to settle. However, the bandages and garments have additional functions, because they also reduce some of the swelling, bruising and bleeding that could be experienced after lipo.

    Exercise After Your Lipo Procedure

    Certain types of rigorous exercise must be avoided right after your procedure, but light walking is encouraged. Walking could also increase the speed of the recovery process.

    Taking Time to Recuperate

    One of the most important things to consider during your recovery is taking enough time to recover. Don’t try to resume your normal activities too fast and give your body the time it needs to heal. Every patient is different. While certain patients may only need a couple of days to recover from a lipo procedure, other patients may require a bit more time to heal.

    At Peninsula Plastic Surgery, we specialize in Neck Liposuction in the LA area, get in touch today at 310-326-3636 for a free consultation.

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