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    What You Should Know About Facial Liposuction

    What You Should Know About Facial Liposuction

    In the past, wealth was directly proportional to a healthy (plump) body. Today, it is directly proportional to a slim, fit, beautifully trimmed and shaped body. Do you remember Mrs. Rich from the Richie Rich cartoon? Her double chin and round body were considered an emblem of her wealth. If Richie Rich was remade today, what could you expect? Well, you could await a Mrs. Rich with an hourglass body shape, a sleek and attractive chin, perfectly carved nose and cheeks and a slender neck. In many cases, thanks to facial liposuction.

    Over the past few decades, slim has become the “in” thing. From human bodies to gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops, everything is sleek and slim. Jokes apart, today fat body and double chin with wobbly cheeks are not a sign of family fortune. In fact, the sooner you get rid of excessive fat, the better. Liposuction is a process that can definitely help you get rid of unwanted pockets of fat.

    Facial liposuction is used to remove excess fat from your face. Nose, cheeks, and chin are the most common target areas.

    There are many misconceptions about facial liposuction. For example, lunchtime liposuction, where you do the procedure during your lunch break and go back to the office the same day without any recovery time involved… Not quite.

    In addition, as per any other surgical procedure, facial lipo outcomes vary. However, there are certain general factors related to all facial liposuction procedures.  Following are the most relevant ones:

    A Solution to Remove Excessive Fat Off Your Face

    Many people lose their confidence and feel very discouraged due to having a double chin, fat wobbly cheeks, and a fat, irregularly shaped nose. Facial liposuction can help get very well sculpted facial features by removing fat from these areas.

    It Helps You Get Rid of a Double Chin

    Double chin is one of the most stubborn body fats. No matter what you do, it won’t go away easily. There are various reasons for having a double chin. Similarly, there are several solutions claiming they can reduce it. Sadly, almost none of these remedies are really effective. Facial liposuction is the only proven way to say goodbye to chin fat.

    Facial Liposuction is a Cosmetic Procedure

    You cannot expect miraculous results from facial liposuction if your body weight is more than 30% of your ideal body weight. The Plastic Surgeon can assess whether you are a suitable candidate for facial lipo, and can tell you what results you could expect from it.

    You Can / Cannot See Instant Results

    Nothing works overnight, not even liposuction. In some cases, the results are instant. Instant means you might spot changes after just a few days, probably one or two weeks. In other cases, it might take several weeks to see the final results.

    You May / May Not Go Back to Work Next Day

    Whether you will go to work day or you will have to recover for a short period of time, depends on how your body responds to this procedure, everyone is different, therefore each body reacts differently. In some cases, the bruises and swelling are very mild, and you can go back to work right away.

    You Can Get other Facial Surgery Procedures Along with Liposuction

    A combination of facial liposuction, facelift, and other similar procedures can give you a chiseled and rejuvenated face. Yes, you can get all of these procedures together or in different sessions. Keeping in mind your individual requirements, your Plastic Surgeon is the best person to give a final say.

    At Peninsula Plastic Surgery, we specialize in Liposuction in the LA and South Bay area, get in touch with our office today at 310-326-3636 to see how we can help.

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